• "Cali has been an absolute pleasure to work with – she has come to my home numerous times to assess my collection, has eagerly visited galleries or art fairs with me, and has overseen all installations and selections. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious and her knowledge has inspired me as a collector. I trust her sound advice."

    Elizabeth Mittendorf, MD, PhD MD Anderson.
  • "I have known Cali A. Pettigrew for many years. She, at the helm of ART PORTFOLIO INC, continues to exceed my expectations and client service with her high level of professionalism in all her dealings…She has handled a number of transactions for me that I feel could not have been accomplished without her intense organization, and steadfast understanding of the business of art"

    Don A. Sanders, Private Collection, Houston, TX
  • "I can write with fullest confidence on behalf of Cali A. Pettigrew. I have worked with ART PORTFOLIO INC and found her to be a top-level professional in a field that requires a subtle knowledge of aesthetics as well as the pragmatics of the art business."

    Ralph Gibson, Photographer, New York
  • "We love working with Cali! She is incredibly professional, has a solid understanding of the auction industry and is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

    Caroline Deck, PHILLIPS
  • "ART PORTFOLIO INC. has been a dream to work with– smart, efficient, organized, and helpful beyond anything I could have hoped for."

    Beth B. Iskander , SOTHEBY´S
  • "I truly enjoyed working with ART PORTFOLIO INC on a large project ….API was incredibly professional, organized, and ensured everything ran smoothly…I look forward to working with Cali and API again."

    Philippe Garner, CHRISTIE´S
  • "If you want it done right – then Cali A. Pettigrew and ART PORTFOLIO INC is person and company for you."

    Josh Baer, Art World Insider, Publisher of The Baer Faxt. New York


ART PORTFOLIO INC’s ACQUISITIONS + ART ADVISORY services offer an initial consultation to establish the needs of any client interested in purchasing quality works of art.

Whether it’s a one-time purchase or part of a long-term collecting strategy, making an informed, carefully researched decision to purchase a work of art is a unique and fun process. We work directly with many interior designers, design plans, or directly with the client to maintain a holistic view to a client’s needs. After our initial consultation, the project goals are outlined, discussed, budgeted, and executed. Open communication with our clients each step of the way insures a successful and happy project.

Our Acquisitions + Art Advisory services include:

• Identifying and executing a collection or single-purchase buying strategy
• Sourcing works of art at auction, galleries, from artists and dealers
• Researching art market pricing and valuation opinions
• Appraisal by relevant experts and institutions when appropriate for purchase considerations
• Conducting private, guided, gallery and art fair tours in the US and abroad
• Coordinating purchases and completing transactions on behalf of clients
• Art shipping and transportation in the US and abroad
• Framing and art presentation design
• Art placement and installation


ART PORTFOLIO INC’s INVENTORY SYSTEMS + COLLECTIONS MANAGEMENT services are specialized art services unique to our firm.

By implementing museum quality fine art asset management with full digital archiving and collections management services, we produce scalable art inventory systems for any size fine art collection. ART PORTFOLIO INC maintains, streamlines, and preserves property asset knowledge increasing its function in the current digital art environment. API’s systems reduce the burden of inventory asset management, activating art collections on a progressively responsive digital mobile system. ART PORTFOLIO INC’s commitment to the field of art advisory paired with inventory system integration and collections management integrates the full spectrum of art services to their clients when engaged. Once acquired, maintaining your fine art collection ensures its proper care and preservation.

• Digitize, catalog and inventory your fine art assets
• Streamline your collection in a progressive, digital, mobile inventory system
• Maintain your art inventory and necessary appraisal reports
• Collection care guidance and condition reporting
• Deaccessioning and sales or donation strategy creation
• Framing and installation
• Transportation, fine art storage and art conservation
• Exhibition design and programming


Cali Alvarado Pettigrew, founder and director of ART PORTFOLIO INC is a tested, USPAP compliant fine art appraiser, member of the Appraisal Association of America (AAA) and holds her Certificate of Appraisal in Fine and Decorative Art from New York University.

She has over 10 years of experience with the fine art and photographic medium and is recognized by insurance, legal and government institutions to prepare appraisals for fine and decorative art.

As a fine art appraiser, researcher and cataloger, Cali specializes in Post-War and Contemporary Art and 20th Century photography. She has worked specifically in the 20th Century, Modern and Contemporary art markets for the past 6 years, with extensive research into the contemporary fine art photography auctions and secondary resale markets, most specifically 20th and 21st century photographers and post-war artists.

Appraisal purposes include:

• Insurance scheduling + appraisals
• Estate tax + planning
• Charitable contribution/Donation
• Damage + loss
• Equitable Distribution/Family division

Start here by filling out this form today or contact us to get more information.


ART PORTFOLIO INC (API) focuses on the importance of being a well-informed buyer.

Education, connoisseurship, and art market research are the corner stones to any fine art appraisal and acquisition. Integrating an extensive 10 years of experience in art market research of post war and contemporary art and photography, API provides leading, market data and research to make a well-informed decision.

• Tours and access to galleries, art fairs, artist studios, and auction houses
• Market research and sales history reports for artists and their markets
• Access to industry vetted art research and price index databases
• TEFAF and annual market index reports for the asset heavy collector

Testimonial for Art Market Research:
“ My husband and I needed advice on a piece of art and contacted Art Portfolio, Inc. Cali provided us with comprehensive art market research and response regarding the piece of art. She clearly did her due diligence and educated us on the artist and the value. Cali’s advice helped us make a good financial decision. We purchased the piece and feel confident in our decision but more than that love seeing it every day in our home.”
-Private Collectors, Houston, TX

Art Portfolio Inc., founded in 2011 by Calia Alvarado Pettigrew, is a specialized and comprehensive art services firm implementing art advisory and collections management services, archiving, cataloging, and art inventory systems for clients large or small. API facilitates new art purchases, divesting strategies, appraisals, and turnkey installation services for your home, office or institution.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City, API’s industry vetted professionals cover your art needs coast to coast with expertly trained staff in every aspect of art advisory and collections management services.

ART PORTFOLIO INC provides a discerning level of customer service, bringing over 10 years of international art industry experience to their clients. Cali Alvarado Pettigrew is a USPAP compliant, member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA) and is specialized in Post-War and Contemporary Art and 20th Century photography. Cali holds her Certificate of Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Art from New York University.

Should your goals require:
• Acquisitions + Art Advisory; collection planning and buying strategy
• Auction house research, contract negotiation and purchase
• Art placement and installation
• A full baseline art inventory and appraisal
• A sales plan to deaccession work held within your collection
• A private gallery or art fair tour
• Art education and research on an artist or specific market or markets
• Conservation, framing, transportation, and fine art storage

Or anything between or beyond, we will provide you with a comprehensive service to accomplish your goals. Our private and professional services have led us to be a key figure in the fine art market, working with top rated professionals worldwide. We maintain strong working relationships with every top-tier auction house and gallery nationally and abroad to provide the highest level of unbiased service to our clients.

Our art advisory team is led by Cali Alvarado Pettigrew a USPAP compliant fine art appraiser and industry vetted advisor. She has over 5 million dollars of assets under management and along with a select group of top advisors provide professionalism and accountability. API is committed to high-levels of communication, transparency, and trust: our information is supported by art market research which structures informed art investments – the corner stone to our work.

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  • Thursday September 13th!!! 6pm Rain or shine! Lawndale Art Center’s mammoth annual exhibition kicking off fall with new work by artists within a 100 mile radius. Juror and Senior Curator at the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Evelyn C. Hankins carefully selected and curated THE BIG SHOW which is in collaboration this year with the launch of the Lawndale Lending Library, making great art accessible!! Check out more @lawndaleartcenter www.lawndaleartcenter.org #lawndaleartcenter #thebigshow2018 #hirschornmuseum #artportfolioinc
  • I adore this painting and the artist that made it. #dashiellmanley 
If you’re in New York this Thursday September 6th stop by @marianneboeskygallery for “Dashiell Manley: Sometimes We Circle the Sun”

Dashiell Manley’s new large-scale oil paintings represent a major departure from recent series in which he painted copies of political cartoons and the front page of the New York Times, responding directly to the news cycle. His “Elegy” canvases, with their abstract compositions of thickly applied paint, shaped with a palette knife, a based on more personal meditations on current events. - Artnet #artportfolioinc #apiartistlove #marianneboeskygallery #fall2018 #artopeningsnyc 
Location: Marianne Boesky Gallery, 509 West 24th Street
Price: Free
Time: Opening reception, 6 p.m.–8 p.m.; Tuesday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Ah, it feels good to be back! Back to work after a nice summer break! So much happening this fall season!! Psyched!! And .. Fresh flowers always! #artportfolioinc #backtowork #hydraengalove #artbooksfordays
  • 🌴🌈🌟Save the date!! September 12th 6-8pm at the CAMH for the Patron Circle Lawn Party!! Featuring delicious craft cocktails by Treaty Oak Distillery, bites by Fig & Olive and Trentino Gelato Pops to chill out and kick off a great fall season! Come Lawn Party with us to kick off the year at the CAMH! @camhouston @treatyoak @caroline.starry @figandolive @trentino_gelato @mattercreative #camh #CAMHLawnParty2018 #fallkickoff #eventsinhouston #art #creativefun